fredag 20 oktober 2017

Nature Necklace - with inspiration from Creative Art, stage 2


When I read the rules of Mixed Media & Art second stage "Crystal Beauty", 
my mind immediately though of some kind of jewelry.
This challenge is about the creative process and to challenge yourself.
Jewelry making is not what I do, but I though - why not try!

The rules;
 In your work there should be ONE transparent element NOT from scrapbooking and one more obligatory element of this stage is CIRCLES.

This is what I came up with, after making my first pendants ever!
I took a piece of glass that I found on the beach and used wire to make it into a pendant.
I made 2 other pendants from other beach findings and some beads in colours that I like.

My piece of glass is my transparent element, and there are plenty of cirkles used on this necklace.

I really like my necklace :)

Thanks for stopping by today, and hope to see you soon again!
xx Melina

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Melina, en dejlig ide, med strandfund, til en halskæde. Dine fund på stranden, er super flotte, og en fin ide,at du kan tage dem af og på, og skifte dem ud :-)
    Sjovt og spændende , tillykke med din fine halskæde .
    Kram fra Dorthe xxx

    1. Tack Dorthe, du är så snäll💕 Ja, det är roligt att man kan skifta vilka hängen man vill använda :)