torsdag 9 januari 2020

My BuJo set up for 2020 and January

Hello crafty friends!

It´s a new year! Time really flies...

I´m quite new to Bullet Journaling. I started in November last year
in a Leuchtturm journal, but I really could not learn to deal with the
thin papers, the ghosting and bleeding. So, I bought another one and thought I 
could start fresh in the new book in the new year :)

The book I have now has got white and 150 g papers.
I bought it in a Panduro store here in Sweden.
This is what I´ve been doing so far... 

First page - "New Possibilities" 2020.
I also added a little dot-counting-guide to the first page.

View of the whole year.

Period tracker and a Brain Dump page

My Goals for 2020 and my January page.

I start each month with a To Do-page for the whole month.

This is my weekly set up. Very simple with one week per page. 
I also have a weekly tracker instead of monthly - it works better for me.
Each week I also have a Future section and a To Do section.

I also added a Right Now-page at the end of January. I thought
I could use it to sum up the month, or use the space for something else 
that might turn up.

Stamp set used for January is That´s Crafty! Flowers Collection set 6.

Please let me know if this is something you like to see more of :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Love, Melina

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